Welcome Back

Welcome back planet Earth.

After nearly two years, writing has finally continued. I have two current projects in development. One is a short story that is a loose sequel to One Little Drop. I say loosely because it isn’t directly related, but close enough. We see the return of the terrorist origination Annex, a favorite character of mine, and an unsuspecting hero emerges that should be quite interesting if you read One Little Drop all the way to the end. No synopsis as of yet. Final details are being ironed out during downtime at my day job.

While I enjoy short stories due to their ease of reading (you can’t say you don’t have time when they take 25 minutes to read!), I’ve always wanted to dive deeper into character development. That’s why I am working on novella, set for release in 2015 called The Cache Killer. All I will say is the story revolves around a maniac who bends the will of a desperate dad to do his killing for him. It’s a unique idea that I hope you all will enjoy. More details to come!

I hope you’ll check out my previous releases. I cannot make them free on Amazon.com, but they are completely free on Smashwords and can be downloaded without any registration required. Feel free to tweet me (@ErikSvendsenCom), Facebook me (Facebook.com/AuthorErikSvendsen), or email me (admin@eriksvendsen.com). I’d love to hear your feedback.

Until next time, onwards and upwards!


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